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Do you want to learn how to cook as a Masterchef?


Welcome to Nina’s tips, a place dedicated to my personal advices for all of you that are following me and are reading right now!

Whether you are a businesswoman, a housewife or a student, here you will find tips, secrets, advices andtricks to improveyour life in the kitchen or to learn especially if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Let me give you some advice on how to improve your skills as a chef!

To cook means to communicate, to communicate means to tell our story to someone else, and how it’s done is very very important, if not essential.

Cooking is the meanto give voice to one’s creativity. For this very reason, I wish that you’d be happy while cooking, that you’d achieve what you’ve got in mind and that you’d know how to do so.

Just like learning another language, you’ll need time, dedication and desire to succeed in the right way, likewise when cooking it’s necessary to lay the exact foundations for learning.

There are basic rules which are ofter taken for granted but, if they’re not followed properly, the whole recipe could go wrong.


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