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Do you like a cooking? Are you passionate about traditional cooking?

Well, if you’ve ended up in this website I believe you’re a food lover and a mediterranean cuisine enthusiastic!
I’m pleased to tell you that this is the place to be!


Hello there, let me introduce myself: my name is Nina Bellino, I originate from the wonderful Basilicataand I’ve lived in Puglia for 33 years, in Altamura to be precise, a place well know all over the world for its ‘focaccia’ , ‘rosata’ and its famous bread.

Today I have the pleasure to welcome you into my owntraditional cooking blog!

The recipes blog “Dolci Passioni” comes from my huge love to culinary world in all shapes and forms.

To me, cooking means to communicate my mood, my knowledge, my personal taste.Cookingrepresents a way to give free rein to creativity. Cooking is a real challenge for me!



A successful dish results from the right balance of different components that often differ among each other, but, if they’re well combined, the result is perfect. Being able to blend flavours and herbs in an amazing and ever new way to produce the right chemistry is an expression of wisdom and love.

Our traditional cuisine, which is envied by the whole world, is made of history, secrets handed down from generation to generation and slight nuances that only true experts are capable to notice.

In this blog, you will have the pleasure to read and learn so many tasty recipes to enrich your table and make a good impression on your guests!



And I can guarantee that bothcommitment and dedication I’ve put into the publication of my recipes during these years go beyond every value. To me,this Blog is passion,tradition and experienceand every day I take care of it as a son.

I answer to all your questions daily and I try not to leave out any. Every single comment is worthy of a response and attentions for me. My followers and their ideas, questions and contributions are my daily bread and a priceless personal fulfilment.

All this has enabled me today to represent one of the most visited and clicked blogs in Italy.




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